Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 21 of 10 Min. Trainer

Well I have been keeping busy ... Very busy :)
 Yesterday was the only day I have taken a break from working out. I'm not to proud to say that. I wanted to go all the way threw without stopping. But for this o'l lady I needed a rest.
 I had my brothers girlfriend stay with me while the boys went camping over the weekend. I ate kinda bad. I had like 3 cookies and cheezits.. From that I gained 2 pounds. Then next day I woke up weighed myself, Got mad, Got Motivated and when for a jog! I am very proud to say I reached my goal at my distance for jogging. I normally can't jog very far at all! But I jogged the loop back to my apartments and didn't stop once.. not even to go up stairs! I came home and did 10 min. Trainer!

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