Sunday, April 29, 2012


So I decided to NOT do p90x on the weekends.
 I really just don't have time. Weekends are the only time I get to hangout with my husband and my family. We are always going places. I know I am making excuses and that I should really JUST DO IT. But in reality it's not going to happen. I'm thinking about getting the 10 minute trainer and maybe I will do that on the weekends!
 Any ways just a little update.

Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27th P90X Day 8

Chest Back & Ab Ripper (Complete)
Today was a good workout. Had my sterio playing in the back round !
 I'm just kicking each day in the but! And looking forward to another day of Kenpo!! My fav!!

April 26th X-Stretch

X-Stretch (Complete)
 Last night Ben and I did this together! It was fun!! It went by super fast. The stretch felt great.
 I can't believe I'm already done with week 1! Here we go week 2.....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 25th Kenpo X

Kenp X (Complete) 
I was actualy really dreading this workout. When I did it before I got prego, it was so hard for me to do because of all the different movements at once.. but guess what.. it is now my favorite workout yet! I love it ! I was dripping w/ so much sweat! It felt so so great! After I finished my workout I felt like a million bucks! I could have done it again!
 I had plans to go and get on the computer up at the front office of our apartments.. but Kyra didn't cooperate at all :( I put her in her car seat and she started screaming her head off... Ya she didn't stop for about an hour.. so by then I was so frustrated and crying. I was dead tired. I had worked at Michael's craft store at 3:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. Then I got about an hour nap while Kyra napped. Then my mom came over and we hung out for a while then around 2:30 did Kenpo.. I was actually had a lot of energy before doing Kenpo and right after.. then Kyra let me have it and she killed the mood :(
 But I'm so sore right now.. a day after! I loved it !! Here are my pics !
Just a little sweaty !

Hair was soaked under there..

Drink your water people!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

P90X day 4 & 5

April 24th Yoga X (Complete) ...I did about 45 min. Of the hour and a half. I love the last part of it..but all the downward dogs are a little hard for me. But I did as many as I could. I had been up since 4:30 in the morning. I was so tired while I was feeding Kyra I fell asleep two times. All I have to say Is this yoga is NO JOKE!

  April 25th Legs & Back (Complete) Again today I was super tired and not at all motivated. I ate a salad for lunch and it wasn't filling at all,so my stomach was grumbling the whole time. But at the end of the workout all that matters is I DID MY BEST!

Anyways any motivation will help...PLEASE!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 1-3 of P90X

Day 1. Chest and Back (Completed) 
About day 1- I could only do push ups with my knee's down. Reps (10)
Pull ups with a chair. Reps (10)
Decline pull ups.. Ya no way.. Couldn't do a single one.. my face made friends with our carpet.
Heavy Pants Reps (15) Weight (10)
Diamond Push ups Reps (0).. Again with face and floor together as one :(
Lawnmowers Reps (10 each arm) Weight (20) - Ya I want some arm muscle! Don't judge ;)
Divebomb Push-ups Reps ( 10 )
Back Fly's Reps (15) Weight (10)

Day 2. Plyometrics  (Completed)
This killed me.. being on an extremely hot day! I couldn't do every workout because I'm on the second floor and I don't want to make the neighbor to to mad at me... So I was only able to do half. But hey doing half yeah I still feel it A LOT! The ones I was able to do some of them I didn't do the whole 30 seconds.. It was killing me.. but hey.. what did I do.. ( MY BEST)

Day 3. Shoulders & Arms (Completed)
 Tip of the day ( Do not hold your breath )
(This ain't no aerobics class from the 70's)

Alternating shoulder press- Reps (15) Weight (10)
In and out bicep curl-  Rep (16) Weight ( 10 )
2 Arm triceps kick-back- Rep (16) Weight (5)
Deep swimmers press- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Full con. curl- Rep (12) Weight (10)
Chair dips- Rep (25)
Up right rows- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Static arm curls- Rep (16) Weight (10)
Flip grip twist kickback- Rep (10) Weight (5)
Seated shoulder fly's- Reps (16)Weight (5)
Crouching cohen curls-  Rep (16) Weigth (5)
Lying down tri extension- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Straight arm shoulder fly- Rep (16) Weight (5)
Congdon curls- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Side tri rise- Rep (12)
I'm going to feel this in the morning.. Heck I already feel it :)

About Us.

 This is my husband and I, we got married 7.2.10. We are sneaking up on our 2 years anniversary in July.
  About a year after we got married Ben saw an infomercial about a workout program called P90X. He wanted it really bad.. so we bought it and we tried it out and we were hooked on it. Talk about being sore as hell! .. The second and third day are the killers! You wake up, try and roll over out of bed.. holy cow .. did I sleep walk last night and get hit by a massive truck! Ya you know it's working !
 Anyways so we did it for a couple months and I wasn't very consistent, So I gave it a THIRD! try and I was doing great, Then a couple weeks into it I noticed I couldn't do as much and didn't have as much energy.. I didn't understand at all.. I was getting so mad, pretty sure I kicked the couch a couple of times.
 Then it hit me... DUN-DUN-DUN!..... Could I be Pregnant! Holy Smokes ! No way.. so long story short YES SIR! I was pregnant.  So I stopped doing P90X. I stopped working out all together ...(Bad Idea Ladies) and I lived in my bed. Sleeping all day!
Here is what I looked like before Kyra after doing P90X...

 Keep in mind.. I still haven't completed P90X yet... I've prob only done about a month and a half of it..

And then....  Here is the growing belly ...
week 19
week 24
week 32
week 38

Our little GIRL! Kyra Lee
And here she is at 8 weeks old ! For more pictures of our sweet little cutie pie visit my other blog!