Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 22nd-24th days 14-16 of 10 Min. Trainer

Well I've been super busy and tired, So I haven't had time to update anything!
  I'm still staying strong with this workout schedule, even though I'm tired and have a ton of other things I could be doing.
 So I gained a pound over Tuesday (Don't know how, I didn't eat bad ) But this morning (Thursday) I weighted myself and I weigh 130 now! 9 more pounds and I will be at my goal weight.. 122! I was so excited when I saw that number!
 The past 3 days I have been using head phones to listen to my music rather then listen to the tv while I workout. It makes all the difference!
 Yesterday I worked out for 30 Min. and then afterward I still had a ton of energy.. I have no idea why. So I did another 30 min. of just jogging in place and dancing. !
 I was so motivated this morning! ... this afternoon was a little different.. but hey.. important thing.. I worked out :) Hehe!
 If I can do this.. anyone can! I can't believe I'm on day 16 and haven't missed a day !

-Day 14 pic's
 Fitting into my old Skinny Jeans.. That was heaven! I still have those love handles though. EVIL!

I still have work to do

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