Sunday, April 22, 2012

About Us.

 This is my husband and I, we got married 7.2.10. We are sneaking up on our 2 years anniversary in July.
  About a year after we got married Ben saw an infomercial about a workout program called P90X. He wanted it really bad.. so we bought it and we tried it out and we were hooked on it. Talk about being sore as hell! .. The second and third day are the killers! You wake up, try and roll over out of bed.. holy cow .. did I sleep walk last night and get hit by a massive truck! Ya you know it's working !
 Anyways so we did it for a couple months and I wasn't very consistent, So I gave it a THIRD! try and I was doing great, Then a couple weeks into it I noticed I couldn't do as much and didn't have as much energy.. I didn't understand at all.. I was getting so mad, pretty sure I kicked the couch a couple of times.
 Then it hit me... DUN-DUN-DUN!..... Could I be Pregnant! Holy Smokes ! No way.. so long story short YES SIR! I was pregnant.  So I stopped doing P90X. I stopped working out all together ...(Bad Idea Ladies) and I lived in my bed. Sleeping all day!
Here is what I looked like before Kyra after doing P90X...

 Keep in mind.. I still haven't completed P90X yet... I've prob only done about a month and a half of it..

And then....  Here is the growing belly ...
week 19
week 24
week 32
week 38

Our little GIRL! Kyra Lee
And here she is at 8 weeks old ! For more pictures of our sweet little cutie pie visit my other blog!

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  1. your little girl is too cute for words!