Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 1-3 of P90X

Day 1. Chest and Back (Completed) 
About day 1- I could only do push ups with my knee's down. Reps (10)
Pull ups with a chair. Reps (10)
Decline pull ups.. Ya no way.. Couldn't do a single one.. my face made friends with our carpet.
Heavy Pants Reps (15) Weight (10)
Diamond Push ups Reps (0).. Again with face and floor together as one :(
Lawnmowers Reps (10 each arm) Weight (20) - Ya I want some arm muscle! Don't judge ;)
Divebomb Push-ups Reps ( 10 )
Back Fly's Reps (15) Weight (10)

Day 2. Plyometrics  (Completed)
This killed me.. being on an extremely hot day! I couldn't do every workout because I'm on the second floor and I don't want to make the neighbor to to mad at me... So I was only able to do half. But hey doing half yeah I still feel it A LOT! The ones I was able to do some of them I didn't do the whole 30 seconds.. It was killing me.. but hey.. what did I do.. ( MY BEST)

Day 3. Shoulders & Arms (Completed)
 Tip of the day ( Do not hold your breath )
(This ain't no aerobics class from the 70's)

Alternating shoulder press- Reps (15) Weight (10)
In and out bicep curl-  Rep (16) Weight ( 10 )
2 Arm triceps kick-back- Rep (16) Weight (5)
Deep swimmers press- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Full con. curl- Rep (12) Weight (10)
Chair dips- Rep (25)
Up right rows- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Static arm curls- Rep (16) Weight (10)
Flip grip twist kickback- Rep (10) Weight (5)
Seated shoulder fly's- Reps (16)Weight (5)
Crouching cohen curls-  Rep (16) Weigth (5)
Lying down tri extension- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Straight arm shoulder fly- Rep (16) Weight (5)
Congdon curls- Rep (10) Weight (10)
Side tri rise- Rep (12)
I'm going to feel this in the morning.. Heck I already feel it :)

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