Sunday, April 29, 2012


So I decided to NOT do p90x on the weekends.
 I really just don't have time. Weekends are the only time I get to hangout with my husband and my family. We are always going places. I know I am making excuses and that I should really JUST DO IT. But in reality it's not going to happen. I'm thinking about getting the 10 minute trainer and maybe I will do that on the weekends!
 Any ways just a little update.


  1. Enjoy those week-ends off. If you keep your week-day routine going, then the week-ends will be well-deserved rest! From what you've got on this blog so far, you're doing well - doing that exercise even when you're tired and not motivated at all. :-) Well done!

  2. You're doing great!! I gained 65 pounds with my pregnancy, and I've still got about 35 pounds to go (my daughter is now 8 months). It's so frustrating, especially because I had just lost a good 20 pounds right before getting pregnant and was finally happy with my body; I've always had problems with self-image.
    I've tried going to the gym with my husband, but our schedules just really conflict with each other a lot, so I never really went often enough for it to make a difference. Working out at home is difficult because we really don't have the space at all lol!
    I've been getting back to belly dancing (That was how I lost the 20 pounds before), but it's so frustrating, I used to be so good and now it's like starting all over again!
    Sorry for the mini pity-party!!
    I hope you continue to do well! I'm sure you'll kick P90X butt!