Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 9 of P90X

Plyometrics- (Complete)
 Well I know I should be like 3 days ahead right now, But yesterday was a frustrating day. I was so tired and worn out.
 I decided to not workout on the weekends.. I don't have time. Weekends are the only time we get to spend as a family and get out of the house and do stuff together.
 I really am wanting to look into getting 10 minute trainer! It sounds amazing! And heck.. I have 10 minutes!!
 Today I got home from work at 7 and I was all motivated to work out. Then I fed Kyra and it took like 30 minutes.. She pretty much fell asleep while she was eating, and seeing her so peaceful made me want to join in and fall asleep too. So right there I got super tired and lost all motivation. I was NOT going to workout today I told myself. (I'm to Tired)  Then I got a text from my friend Amber, and she said that she had just finished her second day of Turbo Fire... And I told her that I was not at all motivated. She text me back and she said (Get your booty in motion!! DO IT!!)
 That right there was like a signal to my brain that really made me WANT to workout. It's weird how your mind works. I got all excited!!
 I blared the p90x music in the back round while I was getting my shoes on! I did it!! I still can't do the whole thing... (Not because I physically can't, But because I live on the second floor)
 Any-who, of your feeling like you just can't push play...  Text a friend !

See this.. BRING IT.. look how small that is.. just put in perspective.. this only takes up about an hour of my day... A small portion of my day.. that's all. It's worth all the amazing results you will get! I promise!
 And I still sweat a lot, just doing half a workout!

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