Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hey there, as you can see I haven't posted anything the past couple of days... I've been super busy.
 I haven't worked out in about 3 days :( I feel horrible, but I just don't have time or energy when I do have a little time. Since having Kyra it's go Go GO !
 My husband and I are bidding on 10 Minute Trainer on ebay! I hope we get it, Because I really do want to workout. I want to get in better shape them before I had Kyra.
 I bought a bikini off ebay yesterday.. (Motivation to workout) It's not that I'm over weight..I just really need to tone things up ;)
 The past couple of days I've been exhausted... Haven't been this tired since I was pregnant.
Here are yesterdays pictures.

Egg sandwich on whole wheat bread....


  1. Annie, you look absolutely GREAT!!! If you get any skinner, you will disappear.

    1. HAHA!! Thanks. I just really want to get every thing toned up. Maybe some see-able abs on there :P